Lily-Rose Depp and Margaret Qualley Out in New York City
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Lily-Rose Depp and Margaret Qualley Out in New York City

After lunch, Lily-Rose Depp and Margaret Qualley strolled casually in New York City.

The two actresses strolled through SoHo on Sunday afternoon after eating lunch in New York City.

As they walked along the Big Apple’s bustling sidewalks, the performers cut very casual figures and hung out with a mutual friend.

While out with her friends, Depp wore a black button-up shirt with rolled-up sleeves. She complemented her top with a pair of slightly loose-fitting light blue jeans and white running shoes that added a touch of lightness to her outfit.

The daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis kept her belongings close to her during the outing by carrying a blue bag.

As she chatted with her friends, her blonde locks remained knotted back in a loose ponytail. As she walked along New York’s sidewalks, Qualley, 26, wore an eye-catching bright red button-up shirt. Besides her top, she also wore brown striped shorts, pink socks, and black sneakers.

She wore a red baseball cap that complemented her shirt perfectly as she spoke with Depp and their mutual friend. While strolling, her gorgeous brunette hair was braided into two large braids that fell onto her shoulders.

They are currently preparing for the release of several major projects they were previously involved with.

Nathalie Biancheri, who wrote and directed Wolf, has cast Depp in the upcoming drama film. In the film, George MacKay plays a character who believes he is a canine creature until he meets the actress’ character, his romantic interest.

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