Dua Lipa Wears Versace Butterfly Dress at “Barbie” London Premiere
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Dua Lipa Wears Versace Butterfly Dress at “Barbie” London Premiere

Dua Lipa radiated an enchanting aura at the highly anticipated European premiere of “Barbie” held at the prestigious Cineworld Leicester Square in London. The mesmerizing songstress, known for her chart-topping hit “Levitating,” graced the pink carpet in an exquisitely sequined dress, a masterpiece crafted by the esteemed Italian fashion house. While Lipa’s chainmail midi showcased a captivating array of colors, it predominantly shimmered with various shades of pink, paying a conspicuous homage to the iconic Barbie franchise. Enhancing her ensemble, the ethereal gown featured a butterfly intarsia bra, adorned with gold Greca chains and intricate Medusa ’95 detailing, which were derived from her highly acclaimed women’s collection co-designed with the prestigious brand Versace.

In her pursuit of glamour, Dua Lipa left no stone unturned when it came to accessories. The three-time Grammy award-winning artist fearlessly embraced opulence and allure. Bedecking her neck, she adorned a lavish choker necklace adorned with motifs of delicate butterflies and ladybugs, serving as a testament to her penchant for exquisite detailing. Complementing the ornate necklace, Lipa’s fingers boasted resplendent butterfly rings and her ears shimmered with matching butterfly earrings. Stepping into the realm of footwear, the illustrious singer opted for captivating strappy sandals that gracefully climbed her legs, akin to a divine adornment. These baby blue sandals, adorned with a cascade of fluttering butterflies, elegantly ascended from her dainty toes up to her leg, accentuating her ensemble with a touch of whimsical charm.

Dua Lipa’s presence at the “Barbie” European premiere was nothing short of a radiant spectacle, as she captivated the audience with her sparkling style and impeccable fashion choices.

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