Casey Batchelor Displays her Abs in a Bikini while Practicing Yoga on a Tenerife Beach
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Casey Batchelor Displays her Abs in a Bikini while Practicing Yoga on a Tenerife Beach

Casey Batchelor showcased her washboard abs in a mismatched bikini as she was displaying her flexibility while practicing yoga on the beach in Spain on Monday. The Celebrity Big Brother star proudly demonstrated her incredibly toned bikini body in the black and pink leaf print bikini top and gold-tassel briefs while filming for her new fitness app, Yoga Blitz. While showing her agility in the eye-catching swimwear, Casey Batchelor looked effortlessly glamorous.

Casey took to Instagram on Thursday to share a before and after comparison snap documenting her weight loss journey. Casey Batchelor confessed that she’d ‘never thought she sees her abs again. Plugging her Yoga Blitz fitness program, Casey wrote: “I know how hard is when you feel that your body will not be the same anymore. However, taking that first step is the best thing – and next, just keeping on keeping on! I do not think anyone else had ever thought of combining yoga with high-intensity interval training, but that combo worked for me and not just once, but twice, after having my second child.” The former glamour model spoke about her post-partum shape. Casey said: “I did not put any pressure on myself to lose the weight. I needed the energy, so I did not do a quick diet. I was eating between 1200 and 1500 calories a day from my Yoga Blitz program. Even though I have been calorie counting, I have been eating some tasty meals. I have been doing five high-intensity yoga workouts five times a week. I have lost 34lbs, and I have got my mojo back.” Casey Batchelor shares two kids with fiancé Dane Goodson.

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