Kristen Stewart Looks Chic at Met Gala Red Carpet 2023 in a Chanel Blazer
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Kristen Stewart Looks Chic at Met Gala Red Carpet 2023 in a Chanel Blazer

The Met Gala is known for its red carpet looks that push boundaries and make bold statements, and this year was no different. One standout look was Kristen Stewart‘s eclectic take on suiting, which showcased her individuality and fearlessness when it comes to fashion. As an ambassador for Chanel, it’s no surprise that Stewart turned to the iconic French brand for her Met Gala ensemble. However, she managed to make the look entirely her own by adding unexpected twists and personal touches.

Stewart’s outfit consisted of a white sheer-paneled blouse, a white cropped blazer with black lapels, belted wide-leg black cuffed trousers, and white socks. The addition of a silky black Chanel necktie was a nod to Karl Lagerfeld’s signature style, and Stewart’s choice of footwear was a pair of pale blue woven loafers with black piping and Chanel’s signature “CC” logo. This combination of classic suiting pieces with quirky details and unexpected elements perfectly encapsulated Stewart’s unique sense of style. It’s clear that she’s not afraid to take risks and experiment with fashion, which is why she’s such a beloved figure in the industry.

The Influence of Sofia Coppola on Chanel’s Red Carpet Looks

In addition to Stewart’s show-stopping ensemble, another noteworthy appearance at the Met Gala was that of filmmaker Sofia Coppola. A longtime muse of Chanel, Coppola’s outfit coordinated perfectly with Stewart’s, but with her own personal touches. Coppola opted for a gauzy ivory collared blouse with bejeweled paneling, tucked into a black silk skirt for added formality. However, she stayed true to Chanel’s signature accessories by pairing her outfit with a thin black neck ribbon, black crystal drop earrings, two wide gold-beaded cuff bracelets, and a quilted black silk evening clutch.

Coppola’s influence on Chanel’s red carpet looks cannot be overstated. She has a long-standing relationship with the brand, and her own sense of style perfectly aligns with Chanel’s elegant and feminine aesthetic. It’s no surprise that she was chosen to direct the brand’s latest fragrance campaign, which features Stewart as the face of the fragrance. Together, Stewart and Coppola represent the next generation of Chanel ambassadors, bringing their own unique perspectives and individuality to the brand. Their appearances at the 2023 Met Gala were a true testament to the enduring influence of Chanel on fashion and culture, and the continued relevance of the brand in a constantly evolving industry.

Kristen Stewart Outfit:

  • Chanel Cruise 2017 Pantsuit
  • Chanel CC Logo Braided Loafers

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